Car obd2 extension cable one point two interface


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Product Name: OBD-16PIN Male to 2 Female Head Car Diagnostic Plug Cable
Length: 30cm
Weight: 80g
Model: Suitable for all models with OBD2 interface
Measured 10 models, the following two devices are compatible at the same time without conflict:
Test 1: Car earn / Picture bar / golo / Excellent driving, HUD (excluding E301 products such as A301)
Test 2: Automatic lock (without water temperature and folding function of the rearview mirror), excellent driving / picture bar / car earning / golo
Test 3: Automatic lock-out, driving OBD (327)
Test 4: Car earns, window closer
Test five: golo, car earn
Test 6: OBD Magician Water Temperature Meter, GPS
Test 7: Window lifter (without water temperature and rearview mirror folding function), Lecheng / Excellent driving / Picture bar / Car earn / golo
Test eight: GPS, driving recorder
Test 9: Car earns, car eggs (can be shared with Lecheng)
Test 10: Head-up display, car shake
Added: GPS is compatible with all devices

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Weight 130.0 kg
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 60 cm



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