Masque refroidissant


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Material: External: Super soft velvet + environmental protection PVC + polyester cotton edging fabric + elastic band, inner material: no frozen gel particles
Product size: 22X11CM
Condenser ice beads, hot and cold for dual use.
Condensed ice beads to massage and relieve eye fatigue.
Can be used for shading or hot and cold application, no pressure and indentation.
Office lunch break, rest by car, sleep at home.


● How to use:
泠 :: Put the hot and cold bag in the freezer of the refrigerator for more than 60 minutes.
Hot compress: Put the hot and cold bag into the microwave oven (need to use medium heat), the heating time is 90 seconds each time, if it is used continuously, the second heating is within 60 seconds.
● Note: The hot and cold bags are for external use only. If the contents are in contact with the eyes or skin, wash them thoroughly with water. If you accidentally eat the contents, you should drink plenty of water and spit out as much as possible. If necessary, you should contact your doctor.
In order to prevent the temperature from being too high or too low, it is best to use a towel or cotton cloth to prevent the temperature from being too high or too low. It is best to wrap it with a towel or cotton cloth when you start using it. If the user’s circulatory system is sick, Ask a doctor first
●Characteristics: This product is both hot and cold, easy to use. When cold, the bag body remains soft below -18C, and can be recycled repeatedly in hot and cold.

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Weight 120.0 kg
Dimensions 220 × 115 cm

Pink, Purple, Green, Sky blue


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